A new era for the GAA?

On the 15th September 2015. The GAA took a step to break away from the controversial history behind the GAA and British army. It was at the London GAA Irish tv ground in Ruislip.

Where a meeting was held to debate whether the London county board should accept a British army team to play GAA in the London league set up and the Gaelic football championship that pairs the league. It has been well documented that there has been a bit of a mixed reaction when it comes to the thought of a British Army team playing a traditional Irish sport.

With the Gaa only getting rid of a rule that prevented the British Army personal from playing Ireland`s national sport in 2001. Which also happened to pave the way for rule 42 to be abolished in 2007 which meant that foreign games could be played in Croke Park.

The news was first reported in the Irish Post that London gaa county board chairman Noel 0`Sullivan use his ballot vote to accept the motion for a Army team in the vote. Mr 0`sullivan said  “Very simply for me I can see both sides. I can appreciate the way people feel.” Highlighting that he could see both sides to the argument but then added that the GAA had to move forward and not dwell on the past. It would be welcomed by the majority who would want to see the GAA expand and grow.

The side has apparently had many army personal sign up to play some played the game back home in Ireland at minor and under 21 level while some are complete novices to the game and don`t have any Irish in them at all. Being South African and Fijian who traditionally play  Rugby in their native Homelands, and wanted to continue to play a strong physical game to suit their profession. The team will be called Gardai Eirennach and will play Gaelic football at first but will consider playing Hurling as the team grows. This could see the Gaa grow  further into the 21st century.


Image courtesy of http://irishpost.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Irish-Guards-with-Setanta-GFC-Picture-Malcolm-McNally-7.jpg


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