Ruislip Ground Suffers Another Set Back



The redevelopment of the London GAA headquarters has suffered another setback.

The work on the ground was commissioned to get the ground in Ruislip to the same standard back in Ireland. The redevelopment of the ground will include a new media centre, a gym and medical room, four new dressing rooms, a warm up area, a new pitch and a 2,330 capacity stadium.

The new ground is what the London GAA community needs, as the current pitch at Ruislip is in a bad shape and the facilities at the ground are showing their age and need updating.

It looked like things were on track when a ground breaking ceremony was held at Ruislip. With Aogan O’Fearghail the GAA president attending the ceremony.

Hopes were raised once more when the London board sold the naming rights to Irish TV in a £100,000 five-year deal.

Then in July this year there was concern as the building of the new ground hadn`t started despite promises it would start after London`s All Ireland campaign.

Unbelievably the London County board had gone over budget. News that angered the GAA community who wondered how the board had managed to do so.

In August the London GAA board confirmed the work would start in May 2016 after the London v Mayo game. Meaning there will be no new ground till 2017. The London GAA community will have to wait yet another year for the new ground they desperately crave.





Image courtesy of http://irishpost.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Ruislip_General_N.jpg



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