The worst GAA jerseys of all time

After the new Clare jersey caused a mixed reaction on social media, I`ll be looking back at some of the worst GAA jerseys the GAA world has ever seen.

The new Clare Jersey.


Kildare Goalkeeper jersey 2012


This effort from Oneills was easily forgettable, the green is too bright and the white and navy at the bottom of the kit does no favours in improving the kit.

Dublin 2004-2006


Since the turn of the decade Dubin have been blessed with very smart jerseys, however it used to be a different story. The jersey that was worn between 2004 and 2006 had too much going on, the kit looked cheap with the baggy sleeves and the Dublin crest on each arm and a unnecessary faded navy stripe down the middle.

Donegal 2010/2011


Azurri made some interesting kits for Donegal,this was probably the worst. The green swoosh completely strangles the yellow which makes the kits a blinding eye sore.

Wexford 2004/2005

Kilkenny v Wexford

This little number by Gaelic gear, was change from the normal dark purple with the purple in the kit borderline pink. The crest on the baggy sleeves don`t do much in helping the kit. The only good thing about the kit is how the purple fades into yellow.

Tipperary goalkeeper kit 2006/2007


Tipperary must have thought they`d have a chance of blinding forwards when they went with this number. The kit has too much going with swirls white,gold and blue and with the Tipperary crest on each sleeve adds to the tackiness. Although some believe this kit is so outrageously bad it`s good.

Carlow 2009-2011


It is difficult to make a smart kit when your county colours are green,red and yellow. Carlow had to put up with this design for a few years the amount of designs all shoved in to make one whole design is blinding. Thankfully Oneills have finally put some thought into the current Carlow kits.

Armagh 2012


This kit only lasted one year, the big sponsor makes the jersey look worse than it actually is and ruins what could have been a smart jersey.


Meath 2004-2006


Meath wore this horrendous jersey for two years. It has so much going on with the unnecessary netting pattern on the side, along with the Meath badge on both sleeves makes the jersey look scruffy.

Dublin 1998-2000


This baggy Dublin jersey was one of the worst Dublin jerseys during the 90`s. It looks like Oneills tried to do much by adding the white collar into the mix with Dublin`s traditional colours of sky and navy. If they had gone with a navy collar the kit would have probably been nicer.

Ireland international rules jersey 2001-2004

International Rules Series 1st Test Ireland vs Australia 24/10/2003. Ireland\'s Anthony Lynch with Nathan Brown of Australia. Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Morgan Treacy

For a number of years, the international rules series games were mostly remembered for punch ups. Sadly this meant we got close ups of this tacky kit.

Westmeath 2015-


The current Westmeath kit is another example of how a unnecessary big sponsor can ruin a promising kit. Having said that the pointless strokes of white above the crest, sponsor and under the sponsor make it even more tacky and disappointing.

Derry 2003

Derry tried something different by making the red more prominent. The gradient effect on the top of the shirt where white meets red appeared pink and the shirt was retired after one year.

Sligo 2014-


You can`t really do much with black and white county colours, as Kukri found out with this painfully boring effort.

Mayo 1995

The Mayo jersey in 1995 was probably the oddest during the 90`s . Although the design was close enough to the traditional Mayo design , the sleeves were now white with green and red stripes, making the Mayo team look like a tube of toothpaste.

Limerick 2008-2010

This Limerick jersey had a painful amount of different shades of green that did not compliment each other.

Look out for more worst GAA jerseys of all time in the future.


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