The best GAA jerseys of all time

Following yesterdays article on some of the worst GAA jerseys ever, today I`ll be taking a look at some of the best GAA jerseys in the GAA world.


Tipperary 2014


Tipperary were one of the counties who stepped out of the norm and went with a completely modern design that caught eyes it`s a shame this jersey only lasted a year due to Skoda ending their deal with Tipperary.

Offaly 2013- present


This variation of the Offaly jersey was unique with the usual tricolour blocks becoming curved, which along with a neat collar makes the jersey very smart.

South Africa Gaels – present

safrica1   south_africa_gaa_2015_world_games_jersey_amber_green_red_1

The South African jersey has used the national flag well in the design and makes the jersey bright and bold making it look very smart indeed. It is something of a novelty and is very much a collectors item.


Mayo away jersey 2015- present


Last year Mayo went for a different approach than the usual reversed Mayo colours of red and green for their away kit. By going for this classy black and fluorescent yellow that looks extremely sharp and was a big seller when it first went on sale.

London 2015 -present


The London jerseys are simple but classy jerseys. The design has actually been used for a number of years  with the only change of sponsor being the only difference to the kit. The current jerseys share the same colours, with green being the home jersey while the white change strip reverses the colour scheme on the home jersey to avoid a colour clash. The jerseys are also helped with a clean sponsor that is neat and doesn`t ruin the jerseys.

Dublin 2011-2012


This was the first of the three Dublin kits under the Vodafone sponsorship deal. It was a very clean and simple jersey making it a winner. Dublin also won their first All-Ireland in 16 years in it making the jersey forever iconic.

Carlow 2015- present


In 2015 Carlow finally got some fashion sense in their jerseys. Gone was the three colour blocks, instead the jersey was mainly red and featured the other two colours of Carlow in a smooth quarter and stripes design, meaning the Carlow faithful finally got a jersey that wasn`t a blinding eyesore.

Kilkenny 2015- present


Kilkenny jerseys have always been simple and quite plain. So it was welcome when Kilkenny debuted this jersey in 2015 and there were major differences to the previous Kilkenny kits with the shirt having a priest like dog collar and the fade effect on the bottom of the shirt looking very smart. Kilkenny got their first season in this strip to a winning start winning their second All-Ireland hurling championship in 2015.

Ireland international rules jersey 2013


Ireland wore this simple and easy on the eye jersey for the 2013 international rules series against Australia,it was also one in the hurling-shinty series against Scotland.The stand out difference about this jersey was the smartly designed image of Ireland on the sleeve.

Clare 2012-2015


The banner wore this during the famous 2013 hurling final against Cork which Clare won the replay. The counties of colours of Clare are used well to make it a iconic kit for Clare fans.

Leitrim 2013-present


Leitrim went for this classy design in 2013, simple and uses the faded stripe effect well it`s just a shame Leitrim haven`t had much success in it yet.

Dublin 1983


A classic for Dublin fans, best remembered for being the kit Dublin wore when they beat Galway in the 1983 All-Ireland final in a game that was overshadowed by events off the ball. The shirt is a collectors item for die hard Dublin fans.

Mayo 1989

download (4)

It`s a shame Mayo lost another All-Ireland final wearing this lovely shirt.It is jersey that Mayo fans believe is a iconic collectors item, but is also a reminder of Mayo losing an All-Ireland final,which is a common occurrence……..

Tipperary goalkeeper jersey 2015-present


This Tipperary goalkeeper jersey debuted in 2015,and was the breath of fresh air goalkeeper jerseys needed. Blessed with a smart eye catching design Tipperary fans rushed to buy this innovative design.

Armagh 2013-2015

The orchard county were blessed with this eye catching kit. The design perfectly blended Armagh`s county colours together to create as sleek design, which lead to other counties following suit using similar designs on their jerseys.

Look out for more best GAA jerseys of all time in the future.



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