How the `Mark` will affect Gaelic Football


The GAA have passed a new rule at Congress. The `Mark` will come into Gaelic Football and will affect the game from January 1st 2017.

The motion to include the `Mark` was voted in by delegates by 68% and aims to increase high fielding in the game.

The new rule means from 2017 on, a player who catches the ball cleanly outside the ‘45’ metre line from a kick-out will be entitled to call a ‘mark’ and take a free kick. Alternatively, he can continue to play on.

The `Mark` is currently used in the International Rules Series against Australia. In which the rules of Gaelic Football and Aussie Rules Football are mixed.

Ireland v Australia at the 2015 International Rules Series match at Croke Park.

The Mark has not gone done with the majority of Gaelic Football fans and players alike. Aidan O`Shea and Joe Brolly have spoken out against the `Mark`.

One fan has even started a petition to get rid of the rule before it has even come into effect.

Here`s how Twitter reacted to Gaelic Football`s newest rule.



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