London GAA: Cara Stationary Division 2 review St Joseph`s unbeaten season

The second tier of the London GAA division produced a exciting season with clubs aiming for the top flight and hoping to starve off relegation to the bottom tier.

Heston Gaels and St Josephs set the pace for the rest of the clubs in the divisions with a set of impressive results for both clubs. With Tara,St Antony`s and Cú Chulainns stuttering in their opening games.

As the season progressed the battle for the top two spots was heating up with St Joe`s in good form and Harlesden Harps breathing down their necks. With Heston Gaels starting to amount a challenge after finding some form of consistency.

At the other end of the table St Antony`s and Tara were in a battle to avoid finishing last.Which Tara won despite actually losing to St Antony`s.

The Division 2 final was played by the teams with the best records in the league.

With St Antony`s going unbeaten in the group stage winning every game apart from one drawn game.

While on the other hand Harlesden Harps won 5 drawn one and lost one.

The final was a tightly contested affair as the teams fought to be crowned champions with St Joseph`s edging the final by three points winning 0-7-0-4.

The Joe`s will now play in the Cara Stationary Division 1 in 2016




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